Traditionally, the Ten Commandments set out the legal guidelines on how it is best to reside and deal with others in your neighborhood.

One factor that makes CrossFit stand out as a coaching idea for the lengthy haul is its sense of neighborhood. However, like with any neighborhood, there’ll at all times be drawback behaviors. So listed below are ten commandments for CrossFit to information your actions unto your self and others.

Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness

Everybody loses rely. Everybody can rely to 10 till you’re in the midst of a WOD and your coronary heart is pounding out of your ears. However there’s a distinction between considering you’re on rep seven of ten once you’re really on six versus repeatedly chopping reps or inflating your rating.

The latter methodology just isn’t large, it’s not intelligent, and also you’re solely dishonest your self. Be trustworthy. Received a low rating? So what? Everybody has strengths and weaknesses, and although you’re on the backside of the board in a single exercise, you can be successful in one other. You’ll by no means know actual progress should you don’t know the place you began.

Thou Shalt Be Involved Solely With Thyself

Regardless of the final commandment, you shouldn’t even know if somebody’s cheated or not. Why had been you counting his or her reps? In a person WOD it’s you towards your self, so cease getting aggravated about what your neighbor is doing, and suck it up. In case you had been counting his or her reps, had been you actually placing full effort into your personal?

Thou Shalt No-Rep Thyself

CrossFit has clear and particular motion requirements. In case you bodily can’t obtain these requirements, then scale as wanted and work towards reaching them. In case you can obtain them, then be sure to hit them. Each. Single. Time.

Go to a contest with crappy method and motion that misses the mark, and also you’ll be a sitting duck for no-reps and a low rating. This goes again to being trustworthy with your self. Goal for high quality of motion each time and you’ll make fast progress.

“In a person WOD it’s you towards your self, so cease getting aggravated about what your neighbour is doing, and suck it up.”

Positive, there are some lower than stellar coaches on the market, however except you’ve got the {qualifications}, have the expertise, and might see your supposedly excellent method, hear up. And in the event that they let you know to lighten the load, simply do it. There’s a purpose, and that purpose is nearly at all times one thing that can profit you.

Thou Shalt Not Stroll in Entrance of Thy Neighbor’s Platform

Image the scene. You’ve acquired a heavy bar in front-rack place and also you dip, able to drive the bar above your head – when somebody steps into your line of sight. You get distracted and thrown off stability, collapsing on the ground in a heap of chalk and iron. Not enjoyable. So don’t do it to different individuals. If somebody’s about to elevate or is mid-lift, wait till she or he is finished earlier than you step throughout the platform.

Thou Shalt Tidy Up After Thyself

Nobody needs to scrub up your sweaty AbMat or lug your tools again to the nook for you. In case you’ve completed with one thing, put it away. It’s not laborious. I imply, come on – you simply made a giant deal out of bench urgent 100kg, however you possibly can’t carry a 20kg plate again to the burden stack?

Nearly as annoying as not tidying up after your self just isn’t getting your tools prepared to start with. Everybody’s prepared to begin the WOD and you then notice simply because the coach utters, “three, two, one, go,” that you simply haven’t acquired a wall ball. It’s not simply your personal time you’re losing – it’s everybody else’s too. Learn the board, watch the demo actions, familiarize your self with the WOD, and get your tools set.

Thou Shalt Not Restrict Thyself to CrossFit

If all you ever do is CrossFit, all you’ll ever be good at is CrossFit. Which is ok, if that’s your objective. However if you wish to be a well-rounded athlete, and likewise need to keep away from accidents, then it’s nicely price incorporating different types of coaching into your schedule.

“Yoga and Pilates may also offer you beneficial properties in flexibility and core power, each necessary for CrossFit, so don’t brush them off earlier than you’ve tried them.”

Take yoga and Pilates. They could appear a bit tender to most hard-core “should sweat to be working laborious” CrossFitters, however prefer it or not, CrossFit is predominately a one-plane-of-movement sport. Every little thing is within the sagittal airplane. By coaching your physique within the frontal and transverse planes, you’ll recruit muscle tissues you aren’t utilizing typically and keep away from damage. Yoga and Pilates may also offer you beneficial properties in flexibility and core power, each necessary for CrossFit, so don’t brush them off earlier than you’ve tried them.

Honor Thy Coach and Thy Teacher

Suppose finest? Likelihood is you don’t. In case your coach takes it upon him- or herself to present you a bit of recommendation, grasp it with each fingers. These individuals have put within the coaching hours and seen extra snatches than they care to recollect. Hearken to them.

Thou Shalt Encourage Thy Neighbor

This isn’t really easy on an AMRAP. However in workforce WODs or for-time codecs, should you end shortly, take a couple of seconds to catch your breath, swallow again the sensation of desirous to vomit, and shout phrases of encouragement to these nonetheless working away. All of us know that feeling of nonetheless having reps to do and simply wanting the coach to shout, “Time.” However just some shouts of “You are able to do it!” and “5 extra reps!” could make the distinction between digging in and giving up. CrossFit, in any case, is nothing if it’s not a neighborhood.

Thou Shalt Go away Thy Ego on the Door

The 2 greatest causes of damage in CrossFit are ego and dangerous teaching. Whether or not it’s RXing once you really don’t have the power to maintain these weights with good type, displaying off by doing muscle ups in between rounds of talent work, or going straight in at ninety % of your 1RM from an empty bar heat up, all of it quantities to the identical factor – ego.

“The 2 greatest causes of damage in CrossFit are ego and dangerous teaching.” 

Not solely does it annoy the hell out of everybody else, however in lots of instances it’s harmful. Heat up steadily, scale the place crucial, and save your playtime on the rings for after the category has completed.

Thou Shalt Work on Thy Weaknesses

You’re keen on doing pull ups all day lengthy and might handstand stroll all the best way out the door post-WOD, however you possibly can’t entrance squat greater than a bar and a pair of bumpers. The chances are high that should you dislike one thing, you’ll be dangerous at it too. You’ll be able to carry on doing these gymnastics expertise, however should you neglect your fundamental power work, you’ll by no means be capable of go far in CrossFit.

There’s a big vary of actions inside CrossFit for a purpose – it challenges the physique in many alternative methods. In case you’re a one trick pony, you’ll quickly be left on the merry-go-round whereas the opposite horses go play on the CrossFit Video games. Allocate extra time to engaged on and growing your weak factors than you do enjoying round on the stuff you’re already good at.


Comply with these ten commandments and your CrossFit expertise is prone to be a extra pleasurable and well-rounded one. Frequently break them, and also you’ll probably end up much less well-liked than seven minutes of burpees.

Do you’ve got every other commandments you assume ought to be on this record? What do you assume ought to be etched in stone on each field’s partitions?

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